Notes from watching Reading – Billerica BU12 game

(scouting Reading for the upcoming game)


1. Formation: mostly 3-2-2. Played 2-3-2 couple times when had two tall
defenders on the field, when 3 defenders – playing sweeper back. Style
of play: play-making.

2. Have two strong wingers: #29 on the left and #45 on the right. They
however did not connect: either played on different shifts or played
opposite to each other in the bad sense of word: both made crosses to
the center where there was no help. Otherwise can be real trouble: both
boys are good technically.

3. No spectacular skills on the team: normal boys. Three or four tall boys – same as ours.

4. Weak spots: on several shifts, right defense + mid area was weak.
Both flanks were susceptible to attacks because of the sweeper’s
V-shape formation but the right one was falling quite badly. Also,
defense did loose concentration: after a Billerica’s winger was coming
down the flank they tended to shift in that direction leaving a couple
of attackers right in the center of the penalty box (that’s how
Billerica scored the only goal by the way: came down left flank and
crossed to the middle – 2 Billerica players were left all alone).

Plan for the game:

Formation: 3-2-2 with center defender on top and side defenders back – this should cover flanks from R wingers.
Style: counter-attack

Area of attack: left flank offense. Left wingers: Paul, Tod, Brendan. Center attack: John, Brady, Justin, Tod.
Defense: left (someone to stay with #45): Justin, Paul, Brendan (?). right: Alvaro, Derek, Greg. Center: Johnatan, Donovan.
Keeper: Ryan.



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